Seasonal Categories

Vitamin Tree offers products for every season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Browse our seasonal categories below for updated inventory.


We've curated products to help you feel your best in Winter: shop immune support, cold & flu treatment, Vitamin D & other seasonal affective disorder (SAD) remedies, protective skin care, candles and diffusers to make your home feel warm & cozy, and much more. Winter doesn't have to mean stagnation, and we want to help you thrive into spring!


Spring is a time of growth and rebirth - and for many of us, allergies! Shop seasonal allergy care and treatment, sun protection, natural homecare products for your spring cleaning, and natural detox & digestive cleansing products to give yourself a fresh start from the inside out.


When the sun's out, so are we! Make the most of the beautiful weather with our curated selection of sun protection, after-sun care, hydration products and electrolytes, detox or cleansing products, gut & digestive support (we know how those backyard barbecues can back up our systems!) and more. Let's keep you playing all summer long.


As we watch the leaves turn and the days begin to grow shorter, it is a great idea to offer your body support for allergies, immunity, and mood. We offer a range of carefully-selected allergy & sinus products, fatty acids & other internal support for healthy skin as the weather gets colder & drier, Vitamin D supplements, aroma therapies and teas, and more to help you prepare and feel your best into the colder (& darker!) months.