Aleksandra Morgan, CNP


Aleksandra Morgan, CNP
Certified Nutritionist

Experience and Early Career Life

Aleksandra Morgan, CNP started her career as a nutritionist after the birth of her first child. Her son, like many other kids, suffered from allergies, frequent colds, and ear infections that resulted in numerous visits to the doctor and multiple courses of antibiotics. Realizing that the conventional approach was not providing any lasting solutions, Aleks decided to dive deeper into the world of healthy nutrition and natural methods to promote the wellbeing of her entire family.

Aleks completed the Applied Holistic Nutrition program with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2009, earning the title of Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Around this time, she started working as a nutritionist with BMS Resources, a naturopathic dispensary at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Soon she became the manager of this location as well as the dispensary at the Marsden Centre: Integrative Medicine in Vaughan. Additionally, she played an integral role in the initial stages of Full Script's launch, serving as the manager of their fulfillment center at the time.

Recent Experience

From 2016 to 2020, Aleksandra was employed as a clinical nutritionist and reiki practitioner at Better Living Holistic Dispensary. Around this time, Aleks also completed Reiki Master level as well as 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Although she doesn’t currently offer Reiki sessions or yoga classes, she enjoys the benefits of these teachings in her personal life through daily practice.

In November 2018, Aleks completed training in Live Blood Cell Analysis with Microcell Sciences. She offered this service at the Centre for Restorative Medicine in Ajax and the Canadian Centre for Integrative Medicine in Markham.

In 2020, Aleks joined Healthy Planet in Ajax as their Nutritionist Team Lead where she offered nutritional advice to walk-in customers as well as Live Blood Cell Analysis by appointment.

Currently, Aleks works at Vitamin Tree as a blog contributor and resident health expert available for 1-on-1 consultations. She continues her private practice at In Joy Balance, utilizing Live Blood Analysis as one of the tools to get to the root cause of her clients' health concerns.

A Little More about Aleksandra

In her free time, Aleks enjoys spending quality time with her family and dog. During the summer, she takes walks by the lake - in the winter, she loves to hike in the Greenwood Conservation area. On sunny days, she unwinds by reading a book, sipping matcha lattes, and lounging with her dog in the backyard.