10 Best Supplements of 2023

Reviewed by Aleksandra Morgan, CNP

As the health and wellness industry continues to grow, there are more and more options to choose from when it comes to supplements. This can be overwhelming and confusing, so we’ve put together a list of the 10 best supplements of 2023 to help you narrow down your choices. These supplements have been carefully selected based on their effectiveness, safety, and popularity, and are sure to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your energy levels, enhance your cognitive function, or boost your immune system, you’ll find something on this list to help you out. We'll also provide a brief overview of what each supplement does and how it can benefit your health. So, let’s get started! 

For Immune Support 

Xymogen Immune Essentials - is a high-quality supplement designed to help strengthen your immune system. It provides your body with a combination of three key ingredients: Vitamin C, Olive Leaf, and Beta-Glucans. Together these natural ingredients protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals and supports the production of white blood cells all while helping strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation. Xymogen Immune Essentials is a great option for anyone looking to support their immune system and protect their body from free radical damage.

For Allergies 

Xymogen HistDAO – Histamine intolerance is a condition that affects many people worldwide. Symptoms of histamine intolerance include headache, nasal congestion or sinus issues, fatigue, hives, skin rashes, digestive issues, and more.  Xymogen HistDAO is a supplement that helps to reduce histamine levels in the body by providing the enzyme diamine oxidase that breaks down histamine. It is an easy and safe way to reduce histamine levels in the body and help manage histamine intolerance.

For Healthy Joints

NFH NEM SAP – provides a combination of natural eggshell membrane (NEM) and Boswellia, two ingredients that help support joint health. NEM is a natural source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, which are essential for joint health. The collagen in NEM helps to lubricate and cushion the joints, while the other nutrients provide structural support. Boswellia is a herb that has been used for centuries to help reduce inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions. Together, the NFH NEM and Boswellia can provide a powerful joint health supplement. 

For Anti-inflammatory Effects 

AOR Curcumin Ultra - If you are looking for an effective and natural way to reduce inflammation, look no further than AOR Curcumin Ultra. This supplement combines the power of CurQfen®, bioactive free-form curcuminoids and Turmacin® water-soluble turmeric polysaccharides to provide your body with a powerful dose of anti-inflammatory compounds. This unique formulation offers the highest levels of bioavailable curcuminoids, making it an effective solution for reducing acute and chronic pain and inflammation. 

For Gut Health 

Healthology Gut-Fx – is a supplement designed to help promote gut health. It contains natural ingredients such as glutamine, aloe, and slippery elm, marshmallow root that work together to reduce inflammation, repair the intestinal lining, and restore balance in the digestive system. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps to maintain the integrity of the intestinal wall, while aloe and slippery elm soothe the digestive tract, reducing inflammation and discomfort. Together, these ingredients can help to improve digestive health, reduce bloating, and support regularity. In addition, Gut-Fx contains probiotics, which help to support healthy bacteria in the gut and promote a healthy digestive system.

For Mood Balancing, Sleep, and Focus

Pascoe Neurapas –is a combination of herbal extracts that have been studied for their role in supporting mood. Pascoe Neurapas is a combination of herbs that are traditionally used to help with nervousness, stress, and occasional sleeplessness. St. John's wort has been used for centuries to help with mild depression and anxiety. Passionflower is traditionally used to help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia while Valerian is used to help with anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. These herbs used together in Neurapas provide a powerful synergistic effect to help support mood and emotional wellbeing.

For Adrenal Health 

Pure Encapsulations ADR Formula -is a unique combination of adaptogenic herbs, including Panax ginseng, Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), and the adrenal glandular. This combination of ingredients helps to support healthy adrenal hormone production and energy levels, helping to reduce fatigue and improve overall energy levels. It supports the body's natural ability to maintain healthy energy levels, while providing natural antioxidants and adaptogens to help protect the adrenal glands from the effects of stress. 

For Collagen Production 

Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within - is an all-in-one beauty supplement that offers the power of collagen in one convenient product. This unique formula is made from bovine, chicken, and marine collagen as well as the collagen booster Dermaval®. Dermaval® is formulated to help support the body's natural production of collagen, providing essential nutrients that help maintain healthy collagen levels. It works to nourish skin from within and helps promote a youthful appearance.  This combination of powerful ingredients helps to nourish the skin from the inside out by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, improve elasticity, and support healthy hair and nails. 

For PCOS & Insulin Resistance 

Designs for Health - Sensitol – is a dietary supplement designed to help women with PCOS and insulin resistance. It is a combination of the two forms of inositol—myo-inositol and chiro-inositol, and alpha lipoic acid. Inositol is an important component of cellular membranes, and it is essential for proper hormone signaling. It works to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce levels of testosterone, helping to reduce symptoms of PCOS. Together with alpha lipoic acid, inositol also helps to regulate the production of insulin and glucose metabolism. 

For Menopausal Hormone Regulation

Metagenics Estrovera – is a hormone-free, single ingredient herbal supplement that is designed to help ease the symptoms associated with menopause including hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Estrovera is made from rhubarb root extract, and has been clinically shown to reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes in as few as 30 days. Estrovera contains no hormones and is free of any artificial ingredients, making it an ideal option for women who are looking to reduce their menopausal symptoms without the use of hormones. Estrovera is easy to take, as it comes in one a day tablet form, and is recommended for daily use for the best results.

So, there it is! A list of 10 Best Supplements of 2023 from women’s and hormone health to immune and inflammatory support to more energy and beautiful skin. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, be sure to contact us and our health experts will be more than happy to help you with your specific health concern.